L.A. School District Sues to Save Bus Funding


On Tuesday, California’s governor, Jerry Brown, announced the elimination of $248 million in funding to districts for school buses beginning next month. Reacting to the governor’s announcement, the Los Angeles Unified School District filed a lawsuit on Wednesday and are seeking a temporary restraining order.  The anticipated cuts would result in a loss of $38 million in bus funds for LAUSD, California’s largest district.

In the lawsuit, the district plans to argue that the loss of the home-to-school transportation funding will end voluntary busing to magnet schools, a critical component of the district’s court-ordered desegregation program, as well as eliminate bus transportation for rural students and approximately 13,000 students with special needs.

Meanwhile, the superintendent of Los Angeles Unified School District, John Deasy, plans to manage the budget in a way that allows buses to run in January.

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