School Law Institute at Columbia Law School This July


The School Law Institute, a national program now in its 26th year, will take place during the week of July 8-12. Its presenters will address some of the most important and controversial issues in education law and policy today.

Topics include: Affirmative action after Fisher, national debates over the rights of immigrants and English-language learners, developments on testing and accountability, the effects of budget cuts on constitutional obligations to provide an adequate education to each student, charter schools and other privatization initiatives, free speech rights of public-school students and employees, and the rights of students with disabilities under the IDEA and other federal statutes.  The Institute will also explore issues of safety and order, including:  the schools’ authority to punish off- and on-campus student and staff misconduct, post-Sandy Hook debates over concealed weapons and armed police officers in schools, child abuse, harassment, bullying, and search and seizure.

Presenters include: Gary Orfield, Education Commissioner John King, Jr., Jack Jennings, Patricia Gandara, Michael Rebell, Rhoda Schneider, Dennis Parker, Perry Zirkel and Maree Sneed.

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May 29, 2013

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