Is Illinois’ School Funding Discrmininatory? Urban League Pushes for Court Ruling


Chicago Urban League president Shari Runner doesn’t seem particularly intrigued by reports that the state board of education is considering a settlement in the league’s longstanding lawsuit charging that Illinois’ system of funding schools discriminates against minority students.

For one thing, she’s heard nothing from the Illinois State Board of Education in the two weeks since the Daily Southtown reported that some ISBE staff members were pushing for a settlement. For that matter, she’s heard nothing since ISBE walked away from a previous round of settlement talks this summer.

In any case, “we’re not working for a settlement, we’re working for a judgment,” Runner said. “We’re moving forward with our lawsuit and our motion for a summary judgment.”

It’s not hard to see why. The lawsuit has been delayed numerous times, including two rounds of settlement talks. It has dragged on for eight years.

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