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September 24, 2014

Wyoming School Districts Challenge Underfunding

Nine Wyoming school districts have formed a coalition to convince the state legislature to resume an inflation adjustment to the school-funding program. The cost of living […]
September 24, 2014

Chicago Public Schools Go Into Debt To Keep Schools Afloat

In response to an outstanding $862 million shortfall, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) has extended its budget year to fourteen months in order to be able to […]
September 8, 2014

Texas Education Funding System Ruled Unconstitutional

In a massive 364 page ruling issued last week, Texas District Court Judge John K. Dietz ruled that Texas system the Texas education finance system: is […]
September 8, 2014

Washington Supreme Court Holds Contempt Hearing

Last Wednesday, the Washington Supreme Court heard oral arguments on the plaintiffs’ motion to hold the state in contempt for failing to comply with the Court’s […]