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April 13, 2012

Kansas House Rejects Proposed Constitutional Amendment

On March 28, 2012, the Kansas House voted 79-44 to reject a proposed amendment to the state constitution that aimed to specify that only the Legislature—not […]
April 13, 2012

Settlement Reached in Montana Funding Dispute

Responding to a constitutional mandate from the State Supreme Court, the Montana state legislature in 2005 established a school funding formula that was intended to be […]
April 13, 2012

Michael Rebell’s “The Right to Comprehensive Educational Opportunity” is Published by the Harvard CR-CL Law Review

The Harvard Civil Rights—Civil Liberties Law Review published Michael Rebell’s “The Rights to Comprehensive Educational Opportunity” in March of 2012, Volume 47, No. 1. In this […]
April 13, 2012

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Plan to File Lawsuit Over State Education Funding Formula

Almost a dozen Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania are making plans to file a lawsuit over Pennsylvania’s school funding formula, alleging that the formula is unconstitutional because […]